The 68th District Court only handles criminal matters occuring within the City of Flint. The 68th District Court does not oversee nor have jurisdiction to hear any other matter occuring within Genesee County, and thus has limited jurisdiction for the City of Flint with regardes to criminal and traffic infractions occuring within its city limits. The 68th District Court has numerous judges within its walls and overseeing the various criminal misdemeanors and felonies pending within its docket.

Remember, when a felony is involved the 68th District Court will only handle the criminal matter up to and through the preliminary examination. The 7th Circuit Court will continue with the criminal matter if it is found that probable cause exists to bind or move the matter over to the 7th Circuit Court. The determination of probable cause will occur at the preliminary exam held at the 68th District Court, if and only if the criminal matter occurred within the City of Flint.

The 68th District Court is located in downtown Flint at the McCree Building, located at 630 S. Saginaw St., Flint, MI 48502. Unlike the 67th District Court, the 68th District Court handles all hearings and matters at the McCree building, which is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Because the 67th District Court is housed within and also uses the McCree building, it is important to remember that building is divided between the two courts. This means that half of the building is separated and designated solely for the 68th District Court. In order to pay fines, see the judge or speak to a clerk, you must be within the 68th District Court area of the McCree Building. There are signs indicating where you must go in order to find the 68th District Court and its various counterparts, so be aware when traveling through the McCree Building.

The court administrator for the 68th District Court is Paula J McGlown, and the judges found within the 68th District Court are as follows:

Honorable William H Crawford

Honorable Tracy Collier-Nix

Honorable M. Cathy Dowd

Honorable Herman Marable Jr

Honorable Nathaniel C. Perry

If there is every a question about whether an individual has a criminal matter pending within the 68th District Court, the 68th District Court can be contacted at 810-766-8968 or you can perform a search online by clicking here.

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