The 7th Circuit Court is a trial court with general jurisdiction, and it is composed of nine elected judges. The court handles all felony matters involved within Genesee County and any attached misdemeanors and other various criminal and civil matters.  Through the powers of the Chief Judge, the 7th Circuit Court has oversight of the Friend of the Court, the Public Defender Program, Court Services Division, Financial Services Division, Jury Commission and the County Law Library.

Remember, the 7th Circuit Court will not handle or oversee a criminal felony until one of the two District Courts finds probable cause and binds or moves the matter over to the 7th Circuit Court. Felonies are distinguished from misdemeanors because felonies have a maximum punishment that exceeds 1-year in jail. Therefore, it becomes necessary and imperative to have a criminal defense attorney anytime you have a matter pending before the 7th Circuit Court. In fact, in almost every situation a criminal defense lawyer will be appointed too you if you are unable to afford one while your case is pending at the 7th Circuit Court.

Whether you have a criminal matter within one of the two District Courts or the 7th Circuit Court, you do not have to be alone during the criminal process. Josh Jones is here for you. He will be there every step of the way and explain the process too you so that you are informed with every decision that you make. Josh Jones is your Michigan Criminal Lawyer and maintains a full-service criminal defense law firm.

The 7th Circuit Court is located at the Genesee County Courthouse, and the address is 900 S. Saginaw St., Flint, MI 48502. Furthermore, the 7th Circuit Court can be contacted at (810) 424-4355. The following is a lists of judges found within the 7th Circuit Court:

Honorable Richard B. Yuille, Chief Judge

Honorable Duncan M. Beagle,

Honorable Joseph J. Farah,

Honorable Judith A. Fullerton,

Honorable John A. Gadola,

Honorable Archie L. Hayman,

Honorable Geoffrey L. Neithercut,

Honorable David J. Newblatt, and

Honorable Michael J. Theile.

The 7th Circuit Court does have a policy on attire or clothing, and thus it is important to understand that in all legal proceedings the following shall NOT be worn or allowed within the courthouse: shorts, tee-shirts, tank-type shirts, sweatshirts, sweat suits, jogging suits, or similar attire; hats, sunglasses, or outdoor jackets shall be worn when appearing formally before the Court; baggy pants or pants that drag on the ground; and cellphones, food or drink. The following is appropriate and encouraged dress for individuals: Shirt and tie for males; Pants other than blue jeans; or Neat and clean shoes.

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